Explore the Park - Velavadar Blackbuck National Park

Explore the Park - Velavadar Blackbuck National ParkBlack BucksHerd of Black BucksBlack BucksBlack BucksBlack BucksMale & Female Black Bucks
Hub(s) : Rajkot


With a vehicle, you will be able to visit more sections of the park, but without one, you can still take nice hikes through the grasslands and even if you do have a vehicle, getting out and walking around is recommended. Entry fees is Rs. 20/- for a vehicle with up to 6 Indians or $20 for a vehicle carrying Foreigners. Foreign visitors without a vehicle are charged $5, and photography is $5. All these fees are taken from the general park listings and change frequently, so please call the park beforehand and verify the same (Call Bahumali Bhavan, in Bhavnagar at Tel: 0278 242 6425 between 10:30am and 6pm or call the Park directly at Tel: 0278 288 0342). Guides can be hired at the park (call ahead to reserve one), or you may hire a guide from elsewhere (many private tourism companies are available in Ahmedabad or Bhavnagar), but note that a private guide has to pay the entry fee for himself too.

The park is closed for the monsoon from June to October, and the best time to visit is winter, from December to March, when you can catch the bird population at its greatest, and avoid the stifling summer heat.

Lodging is available at the park headquarters, but reservations are necessary. Call Bahumali Bhavan, in Bhavnagar (Tel: 0278 242 6425, between 10:30am and 6pm), or call the park directly at Tel: 0278 288 0342.

How to get there

By road: The nearest town, Valabhaipur, is 32 km away, and Ahmedabad 145 km away. If you come by private vehicle, the Black Buck National Park is entered from Valabhaipur on the old highway or Adhelai on the Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad highway. Otherwise, the park is accessed by bus from Bhavnagar (72 km away). Two buses travel daily between Bhavnagar and the park; leaving the city at 2 or 3:30pm and returning from the park at 6 or 6:30am the next morning. For a day trip you will need your own vehicle; taxis can be hired in Bhavnagar for Rs. 700-1000 per day.

By rail: Bhavnagar is the nearest railhead, connected by trains from Ahmedabad. Another railway station is at Dhala: 55 km away, but there is no regular public transportation from there to the park.

By air: Bhavnagar is the nearest airport. Ahmedabad is connected to Bhavnagar through domestic flights. Be sure to book in advance as not many flights are available.