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Tourism is one of the most promising areas of growth for the economy. With an emphasis on enhancing the quality of visitor experience and achieving a new burst of growth in the tourism industry, the government aims to establish an innovation culture and foster innovation in tourism in the state through the provision of special financial assistance including promotion and marketing support to innovative tourism projects.

To give a fillip to innovation in tourism in the state, incentives will be provided and due recognition and publicity will be accorded to innovative tourism projects that meet any one of the following criteria:

  • Technologically introduced first time in the state
  • Significant leveraging of Information Technology
  • Having negligible carbon footprint.

Gujarat Tourism Policy & Incentive for Innovation

In order to encourage tourism related activities and boost the tourism and hospitality sector in the state as well as to position Gujarat as a vibrant tourist destination, with an emphasis on improving visitor experience, livelihood linkages, environmental concerns and enhancing investment opportunities, the Government of Gujarat has declared the Tourism Policy 2015-2020. The Policy includes strategic initiatives for development of the tourism sector in Gujarat. The policy envisages grant of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to the Tourism Unit and Tourism Service Providers with a view to support the Tourism Unit achieve higher and sustainable economic growth with emphasis on employment generation through Public and Private Investment in tourism sector.

The Policy has come into force with effect from 24th September 2015 and shall remain in force till 31st March 2020 or till the date of declaration of a new or revised Policy, whichever is earlier. The Policy is applicable to the whole of the State of Gujarat.

The policy is available here to download.

Incentive for Innovation

Criteria for Consideration

First Time in the State
Leveraging of
Information Technology
Having Negligible

Quantum of Assistance

Project Cost No. of Persons Directly Employed Incentive Amount
Investment between Rs.1 Crore and 10 Crore 30 5 Lakh
Investment between Rs.10 Crore and 50 Crore 50 10 Lakh

Innovative Tourism Projects wanting to avail incentives for promotion of innovation, has to register with the Commissionerate of Tourism by submitting ‘Application for Registration’ Form (available here), duly filled with required documents.

Once registered, the Innovative Tourism Projects will have to apply for incentive for innovation by submitting the duly filled incentive form
(available here) to Commissionerate of Tourism (CoT) in the prescribed proforma.

Upon receipt of the application, the State Level Implementation Committee (SLIC) will scrutinize the application to determine eligibility of the project.

The eligible project, as determined by SLIC, will be given a one-time incentive which would be disbursed after successful commissioning of the project.

Innovation Excellence Award

Innovation is centric to the growth of tourism industry in order to streamline processes and increase quality of service. To promote a culture of innovation in the state, Government of Gujarat welcomes proposals for projects that create valuable change in travel experience and plans to reward such innovative projects.

Avail Innovation Incentive

Note: Registering Innovative Tourism Project with Commissionerate of Tourism is mandatory in order to avail the Incentive for
Innovation under Gujarat Tourism Policy 2015-2020. The Application for Registration is available here .

Application is to be submitted to the Commissionerate of Tourism

Application for Incentive - Innovation
Under Gujarat Tourism Policy 2015-2020

Note: Provide your Registration Number and Registration Date to fill up Application for Incentive-Innovation.

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3. Project Cost :
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